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Design office Robert Zemanek

D.I. Robert Zemánek
Tachovská 39, Pilsen, Czech Republic
Company registration number: 72274115
VAT identification number: CZ6206030589
Phone: +420 371 139 343
Mobile: +420 777 720 480
Fax: +420 371 420 441
E-mail: robert.zemanek.st@gmail.com

Activity of the design office

Designs of mechanical parts of rail vehicles, passenger cars, lorries, locomotives, underground rail vehicles, trams according to standards of EN, UIC, DIN, GOST, ANSI etc., including pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. The design is based on a long-term experience gained during development, production and testing of rail vehicles.

In particular

  • Both motor and trailer rail bogies design, for any track gauge and for any kind of a rail vehicle
  • Rough designs of vehicle bodies
  • Outer and inner vehicle equipment including plastic parts


  • Working out of a detailed production drawings and configurations
  • Carrying out of a stress and fatigue analysis supported by external computing specialists


  • Making a user documentation of the product – assembly procedure, catalogue of spare parts, user manual etc.

The design is always original, unique, meeting client´s requirements with special regard to a long lifespan, low cost of the product and taking into account technological possibilities of a manufacturer
Verified that no design in clash with other patent designs.
Presence during manufacturing and testing is taken for granted.
The term of product realization is tailored to the customer´s needs.
All the projects are made for very competitive price.

Primary use of CAD for both 2D and 3D: PTC Creo